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Santa Claus could use a gift from you. And I’m not talking about milk and cookies.

Bill Lee (better known to Denver mallgoers as Santa Claus and better known to me as president of the Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation and Red Tail The Mountain Man) has been in an intensive care unit for the past two weeks. On April 8, Bill was at the vet when his truck and trailer started to roll away. When he ran to stop the truck, he stumbled and was run over by the trailer. He suffered broken ribs, a fractured sternum, and his lungs collapsed.

Fortunately, Bill is slowly getting better. According to world champion pack burro racer Hal Walter, Bill is now breathing on his own.

Of course, Bill will still be in the hospital for an indefinite time, leaving the care of his donkeys, reindeer, llamas, and other critters to Mrs. Claus (his wife Carol) and volunteers. But even if you live nowhere near the Laughing Valley Ranch, you can make a PayPal donation to Bill and Carol via their website. As Walter notes on his blog, even a small donation of $5 can go a long way towards buying bales of hay for the animals on the ranch.

Bill Lee and Jon Page

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