Soon after I rolled out of bed this morning, a sneaky thought crept into my head.

It hit me as I was getting ready for my last substantial run before the Tobacco Road Marathon next Sunday. I put on my white shirt from the City of Oaks Half Marathon and actually studied it for the first time. Right there across the top of the shirt it reads “full marathon and half marathon.”

Immediately I wondered: Why am I wasting valuable sleep time when this shirt almost technically says that I’ve already run a marathon.

It was a fleeting thought. Plus, it was 10:30 in the morning on a gorgeous day. I needed to hit the road.

The truth is, I’m really starting to love running. So much that I now call 8- or 10-mile runs “short.” A year ago, I considered those distances maniacal. Now, I actually look forward to long runs, as they’re an equally fantastic way to clear your mind or solve whatever problems are vexing you. Plus, runner’s high is quite amazing. It sort of reminds me of that blissfully chilling sense of relief one feels when peeing after holding it for what seems like an eternity. Except, better. And without the peeing.

That’s why I’m looking forward to rightfully earning my full marathon shirt next week.

Besides, I’m pretty sure the folks who ran the full City of Oaks Marathon received black shirts. Not white, like mine.