Today, I’m officially launching one of my most ambitious pursuits yet.

Along with my good friend and co-National Egg Toss Champion Mike Hepp, we’re seeking sponsorship to help us attend the World Egg Throwing Championship this June in England. Along the way, we’re also hoping to raise money for hunger-related charities.

Part of our pitch to potential egg-related sponsors is Right now, the site is merely a shell of our vision. With a sponsor’s help, we hope to make it a full-fledged site, complete with a fundraising page and blog.

We realize it may be a long shot, but we’re tossing everything we’ve got at this project. In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be reaching out to potential sponsors and asking them to help make this dream a reality. Of course, we’ll also be eating eggs. Lots and lots of eggs. At least two each day.

In the mean time, please visit the site and watch our video, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and feel free to tell anyone and everyone you know about our mission.

Enjoy. And may God bless America and her delicious, nutritious eggs.