Nearly halfway through December, I may be forced to do something unfortunate.

For this month, I may have to count a contest that doesn’t exactly fit the rules of Anyone Can Enter. And by that, I mean that not just anyone could enter my company’s tacky Christmas sweater contest last night. Although, I suppose that anyone could technically apply to work there, which would in turn lead to an automatic invitation to the party, thus granting the new employee an opportunity to enter the contest.

Of course, that makes no sense. So I’ll continue looking for events to enter before the year’s end. But just in case that pursuit falls short, you might as well see the sweater I made.

That’s right. Instead of going the store-bought, Goodwill-found, or hand-me-downed route, I designed my own sweater. I sliced a Grinch stuffed animal in half and sewed him onto the front of a red sweater.

That’s right. I sewed.

Then I sewed a little gift bag onto his hands, which I stuffed with candy canes. I even sewed the Grinch’s backside on the other side of my sweater.

Unfortunately, spending $25.14 on supplies and sewing for an hour on a Friday night doesn’t translate into success, as I didn’t win the contest.

Maybe I’d have better luck in a Grinch-themed sweater contest. If only I could find one…