If I wasn’t running a half marathon this Sunday, here’s a few events that would have been on my radar this November.

The World’s Biggest Liar Competition

In this contest in Cumbria, England, competitors have five minutes to tell the biggest lie they can. Too bad that last year’s contest (according to the contest’s official Web site) was canceled due to bad weather. Of course, that was probably just a lie.

Hawg-Calling Contest

This contest is held at the Chitlin’ Strut, a chitlin festival, in Salley, SC. Surprisingly enough, there’s no chitlin-eating contest there. Yet.

World Championship Punkin Chunkin

This contest in Delaware is exactly what it sounds like: the pumpkin that goes the farthest wins.

Blackbeard’s Challenge

This will be an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of pirates in one location. The current record of 6,166 pirates is held by a band of scalawags from Hastings, England. This record shot will be held Saturday in nearby Greenville, NC. It will take place a few hours before the East Carolina-Navy football game. Wait. Actually, I might have to be a part of this…