Congratulations and thanks to Brad Wann for submitting the winning entry in my call for stone skipping nicknames. Brad actually submitted two names that caught my eye, but Jon “Ripple Maker” Page is the winner.

Thanks to everyone’s participation, it wasn’t an easy decision. Between comments on the blog, Facebook, and a few last-minute entries via text message and phone calls, I had about 30 nicknames from which to choose. Other possible winners included Pebble Pusher, Rock It Man, Rock Steady, and Low Stones.

For picking my nickname, I have promised to split any potential winnings (in this case, fudge) with Brad. Unfortunately for Brad, two things are working against this sweet payday.

No. 1: How am I supposed to ship fudge to Colorado?

And perhaps more important, No. 2: I haven’t exactly been practicing much for this. Part of the problem is a lack of superior rocks in my hometown of Raleigh, N.C. In my past few practice sessions, the best skipping stones I could find were landscaping rocks, and there was a limited supply. Meanwhile, champion skippers like Russ Byars and Kurt Steiner have been practicing with hundreds of pounds of perfectly flat, smooth rocks from the shores of Lake Erie. Fortunately, both champs have offered to give me some stones today.

Even if I don’t stand much of a chance, I’m excited to skip a proper stone and even more excited to have my skips counted. On my best throws, even with crummy rocks, I can’t tell the difference between 10 skips and 15. I have a hard time believing that the contest judges can do any better without a high-speed camera, but maybe this is an acquired skill.

The important thing is that I’ve got a great nickname.