The great ones all have nicknames.

Mountain Man.

Rock Bottom.

Barrel Maker.

Yes, in the sport of stone skipping, you’re only as good as your nickname. At least, you better show up with a good one.

“If you don’t, someone will dub you with something you don’t like,” Kurt “Mountain Man” Steiner recently told me. “You’ve got to be careful.”

Choosing a nickname was easy for Steiner. As a self-described “professional backpacker” with long hair and a nearly equally long beard, Mountain Man was a perfect fit.

As a writer, I could certainly create my own stone-skipping moniker, but I’d rather share the fun. That’s why I’m asking you to help me come up with a nickname. To share your ideas, simply leave a comment on this post by this Saturday morning. Feel free to leave as many ideas as you want.

Here’s the best part: if I choose your nickname and if I actually place in the Pennsylvania Qualifying Stone Skipping Tournament, I’ll split my winnings with you. That’s right, you’ll have a half-pound of fudge coming your way. Sweet, delicious fudge.

Now, let’s create me a nickname!