During the past month, I trained for an event so unique, I doubt I’ll do anything quite like it again. Now that pack burro racing is in my past, I’m looking forward to competing in something easier. Something more familiar. Something like stone skipping.

I’ll get my chance on August 28 at the Pennsylvania Qualifying Stone Skipping Tournament in Franklin, Pa. Since I can regularly skip a stone more than 10 times, I figured all I’ll need to do is show up, make a few tosses, and proudly accept my trophy. Oh, and the locally produced fudge that also goes to the winner. And the invite to the International Stone Skipping Tournament in Mackinac Island, Mi.

But then I watched a few videos of former champions, including world record holder Russell Byars. That’s right, there’s a world record for skipping stones. And let’s just say the record number of skips isn’t in the teens. Try 51. Yes, you’re reading that right. 51.

This is going to be harder than I thought.