Now that I know what it feels like to get achingly close to winning a national championship, I’m not taking any chances with my next title shot.

If only I had been more prepared, maybe I could have won the National Hollerin’ Contest last weekend. I don’t want to be wondering the same thing after the National Egg Toss Championship on Sunday. That’s why Mike and I took egg throwing practice on the road tonight.

We’ve been fortunate to perform quite well in Mike’s front yard, but we needed to test our skills in a new environment. Since the National Egg Toss Championship will be on a baseball field (at the Hagerstown Suns’ stadium), we practiced on a nearby softball field. And since the Maryland Egg Council will be providing the eggs and we don’t know what kind of state they’ll be in, we practiced with eggs at room temperature (we have previously been practicing with eggs straight out of the fridge).

I’m happy to say that both variables did little to affect our performance. Just as we have in most of our recent practices, Mike and I consistently achieved throws of more than 60 feet, which would have been good enough to win last year’s contest by 20 feet.

However, I worry that there’s something we’re forgetting. Some mental strategy we’re overlooking. Some secret eggistential wisdom we’re missing.

Just in case there is something we’re forgetting, I recently requested some advice from several national champion coaches. With any luck, they’re reading this now. Coach K, Coach Williams, Coach Saban: Mike and I can’t wait to hear from you guys.