I’m here in Spivey’s Corner at the 42nd annual National Hollerin’ Contest. And it’s hot. Ridiculously hot.
I’ve heard the turnout for this all-day event of food, fun, and games can suffer because of the heat. Now I see why. We’re basically in the middle of farming country without a hint of shade, unless you brought a beach umbrella, which we did not.
Although the men’s hollerin’ contest doesn’t begin until 6, I’m glad my dad and I made it out here early. Mainly because I wanted to make sure that I made the 2 p.m. registration deadline, but also because I just ate one of the tastiest barbecue sandwiches ever.
After spending an hour in the heat, I was starting to get frustrated. My new Anyone Can Enter t-shirt is already drenched in sweat. Fortunately, my dad snapped me out of my funk, forcing me to take three throws at some stranger in a dunking booth. I took her out on the third throw.
Now if only the Hollerin’ Contest could be that easy.