Today, I chatted with a man who recently met Chuck Norris.

His name is Richard Handy, founder and organizer of the Asheville Idiotarod.

Richard, who is a veteran of several New York City Idiotarods, has developed a fantastic (well, actually, he’d probably prefer I say awesome) website that will pretty much tell you everything you could dream of asking about the event. In case you don’t have time to peruse it, all you really need to know is that the event is dedicated to having fun and positively influencing the community in Asheville. In case you do have time to check out the site, read about the community service projects that we’ll be completing here. (And if you’re just stumbling upon this page, wondering what an Idiotarod is, Wikipedia conveniently has your answer).

Of course, there’s always room for more questions. For starters, I wanted to know more about the Circle of Doooooooom, something Richard dreamed up involving “humans with noodles who have ingested about twice the amount of caffeine permissible by law.” What exactly does he mean by noodles?

Plus, how can I not ask what it’s like to meet Walker Texas Ranger?

Anyone Can Enter: What with the Circle of Doooooooom and encouraged sabotage, this race sounds pretty intense. Will I have to commit an actual crime to be disqualified from this race?

Richard Hardy: It’s pretty tough to be disqualified. But the beauty of this race is that it’s not about winning. The racers know that. If you’re going to take this too seriously, you’re in the wrong place.

Anyone Can Enter: What’s the most impressive act of sabotage you saw in the first Asheville Idiotarod last fall?

Hardy: I was actually really impressed. One team welded boots that they put on competitors’ carts when they left their cart unattended, which you never want to do. The boots made it impossible to push your cart. To get the combination for the lock, you had to call a phone number and a guy would give you one number at a time and hang up.

Anyone Can Enter: So don’t leave my cart unattended. That’s good to know. What other advice can you offer a first timer?

Hardy: Get ready to have the best time you’ll ever have giving back. The more you give back, the more you’ll get out of it. Just plant as many trees as you possibly can.

Anyone Can Enter: You and the winner of the Field Day of Awesomeness got to meet Chuck Norris. What was that like?

Hardy: I got about 45 seconds with him. He was very nice, very cordial. But my shoulder still hurts from his hand being on it.

Anyone Can Enter: One of your Idiotarod awards is the Chuck Norris Award. The names of those awards might be my favorite part. Did that require a lot of brainstorming with beers?

Hardy: Sadly, I don’t require beer for that.