I am a firm believer that no day should begin without my right fist slamming the snooze bar no less than three times.

Four times if it’s Monday.

This is simply who I am.

So when Carie recently suggested that we start going for early morning jogs, I told her there’s no sense in disrupting 29 years of behavior. Unfazed, she awoke for a 7 a.m. run without me Monday morning. I countered by rolling over and stuffing my head between the pillows.

Despite Carie’s claim that her morning run resulted in a Starbucks-like high that she rode until mid-afternoon, I wasn’t convinced, vowing to continue my daily ritual of morning denial.

But today I learned that champion ultrarunner Lisa Smith-Batchen will be in the area tomorrow for her Running Hope Through America project. Over the course of 62 days, Smith-Batchen is running 50 miles in each of the 50 states. To pull this off, she’s starting each run at 5:30 a.m. And as if I needed to feel any lazier, her team of supporting runners includes a 61-year-old nun.

Yeah. A freakin’ nun.

On top of all that, there’s a good cause. Smith-Batchen is seeking donations to help orphans in the U.S. and abroad. She’s aiming to raise $1 million. And she’s doing most of this while I’m lost in REM sleep.

All that effort and charitable ambition before sunrise is more than enough to motivate a snooze-blasting schmuck like me to at least try waking up for an early morning run. Even if it’s not 50 miles. Or five. And it just happens that Smith-Batchen is asking anyone to join her for all or portions of her run. It sounds like an event tailor made for Anyone Can Enter, which is why Carie and I are going to try and join Smith-Batchen and her entourage for her first loop around Lake Johnson tomorrow.

I just wonder if there will be time for a post-run/pre-work nap.