Time is running out in our search for two teammates to join us for the National Potato Peeling Contest. Last week, I asked you—faithful reader—to comment here and explain what you might be able to bring to the team. So far, the only comment I have received is an insult about the fact that no one wants to join us.

I come to you today with added incentive.

According to Potato Festival committee member Cindy Williams, 1,500 pounds of potatoes are donated to the festival. All of these potatoes, including those used in the peeling contest, are destined to become delicious, golden French fries. But not just regular French fries—free French fries.

It’s true. Apparently, the Potato Festival is the least bit interested in making money. All they want is for you to enjoy free French fries. And while you’re at it, why not take a stab at tater greatness?

Williams said that only 24-28 teams usually enter the potato peeling contest. Name another national championship event that gives you those kind of chances. I dare you.

But I’d rather you join us for potato peeling. And free French fries.