Thanks to my big sister Lauri, I am now officially registered to be an idiot.

On May 23rd, Carie and will be competing with Lauri and a few of her friends in the Spring Asheville Idiotarod.

Never heard of such a thing? Here’s the description from their website.

An Idiotarod is a lot like the legendary Alaskan Sled Dog Race called the Iditarod, which is a dog sled competition that spans over 1150 miles of Alaska’s roughest, most beautiful terrain that Mother Nature has to offer. The Idiotarod is essentially the same thing except we’ll cover like a 5k and instead of dogs we use people (idiots) and instead of sleds we use shopping carts (super pods of wonder), which are extremely energy efficient by the way.

No word yet on how we’ll decorate our cart, but I’m pretty sure that the awards listed on their Facebook page may just be the most creative awards I’ve ever seen. They include:

THE HOFF AWARD: To the team that displays the most awesomeness (determined by a very intelligent panel of biased judges who love The Hoff and by the way. . .Don’t ever ever Hassle the Hoff – or the judges)

THE PICASSO AWARD: Things that make you go hmmmmm. To that cart that everyone knows is brilliant, but can’t help but look at their cart, turn their head sideways and say to themselves, “What the frick is that?”

THE CHUCK NORRIS AWARD: Given to the team that basically just kicked ass while everyone else just kinda stood around wondering what happened – i.e. they came in first place.

THE TERRY TATE AWARD: To the team with the most outright displays of appropriate sabotage of other teams (WOOOOOOOOO!). Click HERE to see how you can increase your office’s productivity.

THE “I PIDDY DA FOOL” AWARD: To the Individual or Team that needs a that seriously needs to get some kahunas and stop speed walking . . . just sayin’.

THE RICHARD SIMMONS AWARD: Given to the team with the most appropriate or inappropriate use of Spandex.

THE ZOOLANDER: Given to the really, really, really ridiculously good looking models/cart that moves real good and doesn’t explode in any innocent gasoline fights.