Are you a champion potato peeler?

Or, at least, have you ever made potato salad?

Or even eaten a French fry?

And might it be convenient for you to be in Elizabeth City, N.C., on Saturday May 15, around, oh, 10:30 a.m.?

At this point, I’d accept any of those abilities as a qualification to join our potato peeling team.

That’s right. If you are a warm body, are not allergic to potatoes, aren’t afraid of holding a sharp object, and can make it to Elizabeth City on May 15, you have just what it takes to compete in the National Potato Peeling Contest at the North Carolina Potato Festival.

Sure, it might be nice to sleep-in that day. But you know what would be better? Being a national champion. Who cares if it’s a national champion in potato peeling? How many people can actually say they’re a national champion in anything? Not many. But maybe you will be saying that in a few weeks.

Carie and I need two teammates to round out our team of four. If you’re ready to compete for a national title, leave a comment and explain what you’ll bring to the team.