We walked to the CN Tower tonight.

It’s tall.

Check out this short video for proof.

Unfortunately, the CN Tower Climb is a hands-free event. That means I can’t carry anything to the top with me. The official Web site goes so far as to explicitly lay out a number of things that aren’t allowed, just in case you couldn’t grasp the concept of hands-free. They are: bottles, camel packs, backpacks, cell phones, BlackBerry devices, digital cameras, MP3 players, iPhone, iPods (in case you tried to argue that it’s more than an MP3 player, I suppose), other portable music devices or infants/children.

Most of that stuff I can understand, but seriously, who carries a kid up a tower? You realize that if it’s on their list, somebody tried to do it before. There’s a huge part of me that wants to carry something ridiculous and unlisted, just to see if it will make the list next year.