It’s starting to become painfully obvious that the PR firm for champion tower runner Thomas Dold and the folks maintaining the contact page on his Web site are failing to deliver my messages. What’s worse, the CN Tower Stair Climb is just 2 weeks from today and I’m still without the professional advice I’ll need to slay the tallest structure in the Western hemisphere.

Fortunately, I’ve done my research on Thomas. In a November interview with Singapore’s The Straits Times for the publication’s Fit & Fab column, he mentions taking his laptop everywhere he goes. On the off chance that he’s Googling his own name in the next 2 weeks, I’ll be posting several open letters to Thomas Dold tower running stud on this blog.

If you’re wondering why I just wrote “Thomas Dold tower running stud,” well, that’s for Google. Just in case that’s his actual Google search. You can never be too careful.

So here it is. My first open letter to Thomas Dold.

Dear Thomas,

It’s Jon again. I’m the guy trying to interview you about tower running for this blog I just started about entering all sorts of crazy events. If you’re reading this, thanks so much for checking out the site!

I e-mailed you a few questions last week. Nothing too crazy. If you got those and don’t mind answering them, that’d be great. However, I’ve got a better question for you today.

Today, we went running up a parking lot staircase in our downtown area. On our fourth trip up the 8-story route, I got to thinking: do you find that it’s better to train on a StairMaster or on actual steps? I imagine that training on a StairMaster makes you sorta’ like Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. You know, the guy who’s backed by the most cutting-edge technology and finest designer drugs, but, in the end, all that fancy equipment just can’t match the real-world challenges of splitting wood, sweating in an old barn, or running through Siberia while a creppy ex-KGB agent stalks you.

If you’ve never seen this movie, you should definitely add it to your Netflix queue. Or your German equivalent. I imagine there is one and that it’s even more efficient than Netflix. If not, you can at least watch the montage I’m talking about here.

OK, well I better get going. Hope to hear from you soon!