The training continued to reach new heights today on an outdoor set of stairs at Leesville High School.

We climbed 1,000 steps, albeit wind-aided.

Also, I switched deodorant, trading in Old Spice Fresh for Old Spice Pure Sport. You never know what might give you the slightest advantage.

Now, I’m hoping to gain another advantage. It’s time to solicit some advice from a true tower running legend. That’s why I just e-mailed Thomas Dold, the five-time winner of the Empire State Building Run-Up and champion backwards runner. Yes, I said backwards runner.

Only problem is, he’s in Germany and, well, he’s kind of a big deal. Champion tower runners probably don’t have all day to respond to the dozens of interview requests they receive. Then again, I’ve never even tried to interview a tower runner, so maybe this will be easier than I think.

In the mean time, check out the English version of  Thomas’ Web site.